Of Men, Zombies and the Apocalypse

falloutIt is undeniable that there has been a major rise in all things zombie and apocalyptic recently. There are numerous reasons for this, and I don’t care to hear or discuss them, not now.

Save one.

The apocalypse resonates with something deep inside us, deep within the heart of men.

Civilization crumbling to hoards of zombies touches upon an instinct that is otherwise left dormant.

But let us consider, for a moment, what this apocalypse would mean. Millions upon millions would be left without access to food and medical care, causing deaths beyond our comprehension within a weeks, or even days. Without someone to look after them, young children, elderly, cancer patients, diabetics, our weak, sick and especially our most innocent would die. Tens of thousands would be left to rot, zombies or no. We would have no new food and oil shipped around the world. Areas without natural access to water would die. The tens of millions who are accustomed to going to the store for food would starve within months or weeks. Major population centers would be the first to fall to the masses who hunger and thirst within. Many cities only have enough food to last a few days at most with out more being shipped in. How long have you ever gone without food or drink?

Now add zombies into the mix of millions of sick, starving and weak people wanting only to find a drink of water, or a safe place to rest peacefully for a single night. Creatures with no morals and a hunger for flesh, human flesh. Your flesh.

Why do we romanticize this image? Why do we dream of the apocalypse? Of a world without the civilization we have come so strongly to depend on?

Why do we dream of all this death, destruction and misery upon the world that us and our loved ones live in?

Because we wish to be reminded of what it means to be men.

The male body and mind are built to be strong and prone to the giving and receiving of violence. We are the natural warriors and protectors of mankind. It is in our biology.

Ancient tribes understood this. This is why the standard for all cultures across all of history throughout the world have made men their warriors. Men are powerful and dangerous. Give them a cause to fight for or a people to defend and they will literally change the face of the earth if necessary.

Men need a call to greatness. Men need something worth dying for. When hard times come, where scarcity and hardships reign, men need to be men in order for the survival of others. Men need a reason to be men.

This is what we want! We may not realize it, but this is what we desire.

However, when all is safe and well, there is no need for men. Manhood is wasted in paradise.

Men are only worth something when they are expendable in order to ensure the survival of others.

This is necessary for men to overcome the fear of death. Their pride, courage, and honor must be stronger than their desire to live. Without cause for these things… our manhood withers and dies.

This is why we long for the apocalypse.

Not because we wish the death and misery of others, but because we wish to be called upon as men. We wish for others to depend on us. We wish for a fight worthy of our very lives. We wish for an arena in which we may freely act as men.

You know, deep with in you, that if you were to stand with a weapon in hand, your family and friends behind you, and a hoard of hungry zombies before you, that you would feel like a man. You would feel fear beyond anything you have ever felt, paralyzing and sickening, but you would think of those behind you who are depending on you. In their minds, you would be a man.

You know regardless of your past failures and weaknesses, if you stood in that moment, you would undeniably be a man.

Whether you fail or succeed, fail or die, that is how they would remember you.

No matter how politically incorrect, violent, ugly, gruesome and cruel it is to say it, the more dangerous the environment, scarcer the resources, and bigger the threat, the more valued men are. The more necessary they are.

This is why we dream of the apocalypse.


Be Afraid

GreekMythsWhat is this thing called fearlessness?

Tell me the bear defending it’s cubs from the wolves feels no fear.

Tell me the Masai tribesman standing before the ferocious lion with nothing but a spear feels no fear.

Tell me the wolverine defending it’s kill from a bear ten times it’s size feels no fear.

Tell me the Spartans felt no fear when faced with an endless hoard ready to wash over them with the flesh and blood of every nation under Persian rule.

No sane creature may be without fear. Our bodies are meant to feel fear. We are meant to be afraid. It keeps us alive. It focuses our body and mind on survival. Fear primes our muscles for action, draws blood from our skin so we will bleed less when cut, puts our senses into overdrive so we may better perceive threats. Fear is a chemical reaction within our body. Fear is meant to keep us alive. A creature that does not feel fear will die.

Then what is fearlessness? It is an illusion. One may only appear fearless. Those on the outside do not understand, for they do not feel the fear. But you know… the fear is very real.

Push forward despite the fear and you will be seen as fearless.

Courage and Bravery are better words for what is called “fearlessness”.

Achieving courage is simple, becoming brave is very straight forward, but by no means easy.

Step 1: Be afraid. Face the lion that is your fear.

Step 2: Feel the fear flowing through you. It may be debilitating. You may want to run, or hide, or surrender. Acknowledge all of these feelings, all the sensations of your body in this moment. Know you are afraid. Do not ignore what is coming up in you, for it is very real.

Step 3: Laugh. It may come out as a very cruel, twisted laugh, but facing your fear is no pretty business.

Step 4:


Eat that lion for dinner and wear it’s hide as a trophy.


Now go, Spartan, and be afraid.


Be afraid, but keep moving forward.

The Iron Master

Hoplite_fight_from_Athens_MuseumIn days of old, men had their tools of war to turn to for training. Now, we have no such instrument with which to hone our abilities and train our minds for conflict.

In the past, it was the sword, shield, spear, bow, javelin and sling to use in training for war. Daily, warriors would awake and train with these tools. They ate to grow stronger for war. They studied to grow more intelligent in things of war. Their entire lifestyle and philosophy of life was designed, in some form or fashion, to better prepare them for war.

War, the physical fight and it’s tools, was the Iron Master of our ancestors.

Wars change, warriors don’t.

For the average man today, we do not have a force of bronze shields wielding spears and swords marching upon us. We do not have a neighboring, warring tribe that we must train our use of the bow to fight.

Our war surrounds us, nearly invisible. It is seen in the soft and weak, in the depressed and hopeless.

We are a people who run from challenge. A people in need of an Iron Master.

Just as warriors of old needed to train the body, so must we. After all, that is where much of our war takes place, in our weak and sickly bodies.

So our Iron Master must be one who trains the body. This fight, the conflict, this challenge, will train the body, mind and spirit to become as a warrior once again as those before us.

My Iron Master is the barbell. The crushing weight of metal is my battle.

I seek the challenge of lifting greater weight for the purpose of growing stronger. Each battle I fight brings me closer to winning the war against my weakness.

Learning to seek challenge for the sake of growing stronger does not cease in the gym. However, that is where it is first learned.

The Iron Master does not flatter. If you are too haughty and the weight too great, the weight will not hesitate to break you. The Iron Master has killed before.

The Iron Master will not hesitate to show you where you are weak. Because of this, it is both your greatest friend and deadliest foe.

The Iron Master will teach you to handle the stress of the war within. After all, what better way to learn to handle the crushing weight of the stress of life than by handling a crushing weight?

The Iron Master will teach you to be patient in your journey to greatness. Strength is slow, slow in action and slow in development. It is also slow to leave. Be patient, and you will be rewarded.

The Iron Master teaches you to be aggressive. The weight does not wish to be lifted! This is your fight now!

It is said the Spartans’ training was so intense, they saw war as a break from training.

Train in a similar fashion, and the stresses of life you deal with now will be seen as a blessing. What would break you now will be seen as light and easy.

Train with the Iron Master and you will become as iron in the strength of your limbs, the sharpness of your mind, and the tenacity of spirit.

Grow stronger than yesterday.


You Are Not You

304913_492442050768695_1965326676_nInspiration, your Alpha Mode, Daimon (Greek “Genius”). The Real You.

Hidden beneath but begging to be unleashed.

Quietly ignored by most, fully embraced by some.

All throughout history mankind has recognized this power. It has had many names. Those I listed above are only a few.

The Greeks had a far different understanding of it than we do now. They believed every person born had a spirit, their daimon or “genius”, bound to them. This genius would look out for them through life and at times take them over. The greeks did not see being a genius as something you forced, instead you let it happen.

The genius, inspiration, cannot be forced.

In the book “The Virtues of War” a novel about Alexander the Great by Steven Pressfield, Alexander recognizes his daimon. He knows that his daimon is really him, also named Alexander.

“He is not me,” I [Alexander] have said, “but a creature to whom I am bound. It is as if this thing called ‘Alexander’ has been twinned with me at birth, fully formed, and that I only now discover it, aspect by aspect, as I grow. This ‘Alexander’ is greater than I. Crueler than I. He knows rages I cannot fathom and dreams beyond what my heart can compass. He is cold and canny, brilliant and ruthless and without fear. He is inhuman. A monster indeed, not as Achilles was, or Agamemnon, both of whom were blind to their own monstrousness. No, this ‘Alexander’ knows what he is, and what he is capable. He is I, more than I myself, and I am indivisible from him. I fear I must become him, or be consumed by him.”

At another point in the book Alexander is told he must cease being Alexander and become ‘Alexander’. His daimon. The Real Alexander. Once someone doubts his potential and Alexander becomes enraged. Not because of the affront to himself, but because someone doubted the power of his daimon. Who he would become.

The real You is in there somewhere, begging to be let out. It is stronger than you. Smarter. Wiser. Braver.

Yet… it is more you than you are.

Have you ever done or said something in a situation that was beyond what you thought you were capable of? When you are finished, you can hardly believe that was you who just spoke or performed. That was your Genius. That was You.

Your daimon, the Real You, is too powerful to be let out. Your achievements would be too great, ideals to ambitious. You would become to strong and wise, you would become to dangerous.

Or so says those who fear themselves. Who fear their own Genius.

Others doubt you. They doubt the power of your daimon, of the real You.

They hold you to certain standards and believe you incapable of going beyond those. That is because you cannot go beyond their expectations… but your daimon can.

When you see a glimpse of your potential power it is scary. You fear the power you possess and who you will become if you continue to unleash the genius.

However, you will only witness your genius act when it is needed. When there is a challange!

The Real You is begging for a challenge! A reason to be used.

Your daimon needs a fight worthy of your power.

This is the secret to being yourself. Surrender to the real You, stop holding him back!

There are only three options.

Suppress your daimon until it dies, and your fire for life dies with it.

Ignore it, causing it to rise up without warning and destroy you.

And finally, to embrace it. Feed it. Until one day you and your daimon are seen as the same. This is when you are really You. Not the you others see, but the Real You.

Until such a time, you are not You.

What are you afraid of?

You are a King

viking_warrior_by_jaywong001-d71meq1You are a king.

Your body, your kingdom.

Your limbs, it’s warriors.

They will do as you say, but only if you give the command. If your body is too weak it is your failure as king to keep your kingdom strong.

I learned this through training. My deadlift had stalled because my grip could not support holding the barbell any longer. My warriors were too weak to serve.

So I trained them. Over the course of a single weekend I trained my grip heavily, primarily through the use of some very strong hand grippers. In training with the grippers, there were multiple times where it felt as though my muscles ceased to be muscles and were instead another entity, blindly following commands coming from elsewhere. When I reached a point that I thought my hands couldn’t squeeze harder, there would be a disconnect. Suddenly I wouldn’t be closing my hand, I would be ordering my hand to close, speaking the command in my mind, and my hand would close. It felt as though a robot were closing my hand for me. The king issued the order, and the warrior obeyed. And the warrior grew strong.

When I lifted the bar again that Monday, it was effortless. My grip was so tight on the bar, my concentration so intense, that I surprised myself with the ease with which I lifted it. Now, weeks later, my progress is stalling because other areas of my body are too weak, but not my grip. My grip still has further to go. My warriors have grown stronger, so when I give my hand the command to crush, it will crush.

This is why you must train the body. If you are too weak as a person to train and overcome your own personal weaknesses, you are unfit to have authority over anyone else. Begin with yourself.

This is why I have a hard time respecting people who don’t take care of themselves and yet attempt to forcefully exert authority over me. If they can’t even rule over their own body, and leave it weak and sick instead, why should they try to rule over me?

Is this pride? Maybe.

Do I care? No.

Present me someone who has spent years training his mind and body to be healthy and strong, and I will listen. That discipline is something everyone respects.

As king you must be strong enough to rule your kingdom, and your warriors strong enough to defend it.

As a man, you must be strong enough to take care of yourself before you have the strength to take care of anyone else. Only after you have gone through the pain of training, only after you have battled your weakness and met first hand the pain of failure and eventually forged victory, then you are strong enough lead others.

Before you, as king, may help anyone else you must help yourself.

This is not selfish. This is life.

A strong king has the power to help others and make them strong, but only if he begins with himself. A weak king abuses power and is hated by others, or best case is simply incapable of helping those he cares about.

It takes a strong king to rule over mighty warriors. A weak king is only fit to serve the weak.

There are people in your life who need you to be strong. Strong of body, mind and spirit.

But if you are a weak king, you are of no good.

Give no excuses for your failures, but see them as an opportunity to grow stronger.

Someone will need this strength to lead them.

You could be that king.


Power of Tenacity

216356-bigthumbnailWhen I was a kid, I lived in the high desert of California. We lived down a dirt road, and we had no fence around the six acres we lived on, nor any of the surrounding neighbors. Animals could walk freely along our property.

One day, I was standing in the kitchen and right outside our window were two coyotes fighting. The look in their eyes was ferocious. Angry. Aggressive. Ugly. Dangerous. Vibrant.

As they were rolling around right outside the window, biting and clawing each other, they weren’t trying to persevere. Perseverance is just a nice, gentle and fancy word. “Keep on keeping on”, they say. But this soft language hides the harsh reality of what those words truly mean.

In reality, this perseverance is ugly, angry, and aggressive. True perseverance, real tenacity, is obsessed with survival in order to make it through the hardest times.

Those coyotes were living a much harsher reality then we are willing to recognize. In order to live, they needed something much nastier and uglier than our pretty word “perseverance”.

After they finished their fight, I heard them howling wounded for several hours, out of sight. On a normal day, I was allowed to roam the desert without question. On this day, I was told not to go outside. Why? A wounded animal is much more dangerous than a healthy one. An animal that has just been on the edge of death is the most dangerous. Why? He has most tenacity after such a close brush with death.

The majority of stories told, be it movies or books, feature an underdog who manages to overcome. Our culture loves that story. Someone who has the odds stacked against them, is repeatedly beaten down, and stands victorious at the end. Often times, the character that overcame started out weak, yet forged ahead regardless. The hero isn’t always the strongest, fastest, smartest, or most gifted. Or even if he is the “Chosen One”, he still has the odds stacked against him. How does our hero always win? Tenacity.

Rocky gives a pretty good summary of what it means to have tenacity:

“But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward”

Having tenacity doesn’t mean you are the biggest, strongest, fastest, smartest, bravest, handsomest, richest, or most gifted one out there. It means you’re the one that no one can beat down. Your safety net is knowing you can only fall so far, because you’ve fallen before. Rock bottom is your solid ground. The mighty fear the tenacious, because they fight on long after they should have been defeated.

You learn your strengths when you are weak.

As long as you are alive, you will be given another opportunity to succeed.

However, that opportunity may be hidden behind hunger, rejection, pain, and even blood.

The struggle will awaken a very brave and powerful part of you. The wounded animal within will heal to become a mighty lion.

Do not settle with normal and safe. Grow to be a stronger man.

A man who takes the hits.

Break the Addiction: Comfort

Medieval_wallpapers_47The strongest sword and the most beautiful golden crown have one thing in common, they were birthed in fire. At one point, the gold and the iron were nothing but a dirty rock with a little valuable ore within. From there, the rock was torn apart and melted down into a boiling liquid that could eat the flesh off bones. From there, the molten metal would be poured into a mold to form an ingot after cooling. This ingot would then be repeatedly heated up and beaten with a hammer, for hours on end, until the desired shape took place. After reaching the desired shape, the crown must finally be polished and the blade sharpened. At this point is the metal cool and strong, ready to be used or worn. Ready to serve it’s purpose. Ready to to conquer and rule over empires.

But all this only after being consumed in fire, beaten with a hammer, drowned in oil, and ground against a stone.

Before the sword may rest peacefully yet powerfully in it’s sheath, or the crown sit gloriously on the head of a king, it must be put through a force strong enough to break the bonds between metal that are too small for us to see.

You are too comfortable. You are nothing more than a chunk of ore, and that is all you will be unless you surrender your comfort.

You will never be able to grow and become successful if your top priority is comfort. At that point, just like any addiction, you will become nothing.

Regardless of your ultimate goal, if it is a worthy goal at all, in order to achieve it you will be challenged. Challenges are not comfortable. Growth is not comfortable. It is only comfortable when we arrive.

Remember, the only guarantee life provides is that it ends. You don’t have forever. An opportunity to change your life could be presented to you today, but it may be disguised in mud, blood, sleepless nights, hunger, pain, loss, risk, mockery, rejection, sickness, and discomfort.

But if you stay a useless rock your whole life, you have no one to blame but yourself. Give up your comfort, cease your constant striving for safety and stability, and find out what is really inside of you.

Break the addiction of being comfortable, and be free to forge your future. Let’s see what you can really do.

Why I Don’t Want Life To Be Fair

142445-004-A64614A7People seem to think that the word “fair” means you get what you want because some how you’ve earned it or deserved it. Occasionally, they try to imagine a world that was “fair”. Well guess what, that world would suck.

Here are two hypothetical examples of two hypothetical children:

Kid one grows up in a poor family, never goes to school because his dad died when he was six and he works every day to take care of his family, didn’t learn to read until he was fifteen, his oldest sister gets pregnant and can’t work, leaving him to take care of his dying mother and three younger siblings all by himself until he is found stealing food and sent to prison leaving his family uncared for.

Kid two grows up in a rich family, goes to college without paying a dime, gets a “great education”, gets a job as a lawyer, then his grandparents die leaving him with a huge inheritance so he stops working and lives an easy life until he dies of old age.

My question to you is, which is unfair? Most would quickly point out that the kid from the first story had the unfair life. Now, which is fair? You can’t really say the second story is fair, because sure didn’t work for any of that money. He didn’t earn/deserve the status he was born into, he didn’t earn/deserve his education (it was paid for), he didn’t earn/deserve his inheritance (someone else just died and left him money). What did he do for it all?

Same with the first story, that kid didn’t earn/deserve the poor family he was born into, didn’t earn/deserve his dad dying while he was a kid, he didn’t earn/deserve his only working sister to get pregnant and stop working. The only thing the second kid “earned” or “deserved” was being sent to jail for stealing. So if anything, the first story is more fair. Sucks, doesn’t it?

What is fair in life?

Being fed as a baby? You didn’t earn that food, you did nothing to deserve that care.

Being sent to school as a kid? You didn’t build your school or train the teachers.

Being able to read? You didn’t invent language or writing.

You didn’t earn the civilization you live in, you didn’t earn your country, your family, your genes, anything. Those were all outside of your control and given to you. That is unfair.

It is unfair for the prey to be eaten when it has tried to survive.

It is fair for the predator to eat what it has hunted.

You will be be given things in life you did not earn, and will not be given things you did earn. Accept it. Move on.

You don’t deserve to be strong.

You don’t deserve to be successful.

You don’t deserve to have a good girlfriend.

You don’t deserve to be loved.

You don’t deserve to be smart.

You don’t deserve to be healthy.

You don’t deserve to have friends.

You don’t deserve to be great.

You don’t deserve to live.

You have earned no right to any of this. To possess these things would be unfair.

Life sure would be terrible if it were fair.

The Art of Surrender

Bruce Lee QuoteWhat do you fear? What holds you back? What do you want? Why aren’t you better? Why aren’t you stronger? Why aren’t you smarter? There is so much more you are capable of, yet you linger here, weak and afraid. You know what you want, whether you realize it or not. There is a passion inside of you for something greater. What do you fear?

The world is before you, and yet here you remain. Is it failure you fear? Loneliness? Change? The unknown? Rejection? Pain? What holds you back? What are you holding on to? What is your excuse?

You can never move forward if you hold onto what you are now. You can never step into the future if you linger in the past.

Why is a wounded animal the most dangerous? Why is a hungry lion the one to fear? Because they are weak. Their weakness makes them fierce, it grants them a hunger for survival. Their comfort has been stripped from them, and they must fight to reattain it.

Why did the Persians fear the Spartans after the battle of Thermopylae? Because the Spartans surrendered their right to life and victory in order to destroy as many as possible. They did not fight to win, they simply fought. They surrendered everything that held them back from ferosity, even victory, in order fight. They fought until their weapons failed them and they were left with their teeth and nails as weapons.

What holds you back? What satisfies you? What comforts you? This is what keeps you from growing.

What do you fear? This is what you should embrace.

A man who wishes to grow strong yet also wishes to be comfortable cannot have both. When he stands in front of the barbell, he must surrender his right to comfort or his longing for strength.

A hero is not great because he is strong, he is great because when he was weak he surrendered his right to himself. Doing so allowed him to hold onto his courage.

You cannot hold onto who you are now and who you wish to become. To do so will destroy you, will make you mediocre. You must let go of one so you may hold onto the other.

Surrender everything that holds you back, and you are free. Free to grow, free to change, free to succeed, free to fail.

Surrender who you are now, and you are free to follow the quiet and steady passion in your heart. This is the art of surrender. Surrender the things that make you weak, and you are only left with what makes you strong.

The hungry, wounded dog is more dangerous than the satisfied lion.

The more you surrender, the less you have to take. The less you have to destroy. The less you have to lose. This makes you strong. This allows you to hold on to what matters.

Become weak. Become hungry. Become thirsty. When you have nothing left to surrender, then you are ready. Then you are fierce. Then you are brave.

When you have surrendered even your hope of victory and instead hold onto your courage, no amount of failure may stop you.

When you have surrendered your contentment, you are left with only a hunger for growth.

When you have surrenered who you are now, you are free to discover who you may become.

What do you fear? Surely not failure, for failure prepares you for success. Could it be rejection? Surely no, for this makes your examine you motives and actions. Or is it danger of the unknown you fear? Fearing this merely means you are alive and wise, for a fool fears not and a dead man cannot fear at all.

Instead you should fear yourself. Not as you are now, but what you may become. The greatest fire began as a single spark. What does your future hold? Remain who you are now, and you will never know what you could have been.

Fear change, or fear stagnation.

Hold onto comfort, or hold onto growth.

Surrender your present, or surrender your potential.

Proclaim this among the nations:
“Prepare for war!
Wake up the mighty men,
Let all the men of war draw near,
Let them come up.
Beat your plowshares into swords
And your pruning hooks into spears;
Let the weak say, ‘I am strong.’”
Joel 3:9-10

Fear who you will become, and pray your heart is not misguided.

This is the art of surrender.

The Secret of Motivation

Motivation is heavily misunderstood. Burning-Wood-Hd-Desktop-Wallpaper

When most aren’t happy with their lives, they blame it on a lack of motivation. When the motivation does come to improve their lives, they’ll jump up and start happily. However, the motivation fades and they are back to normal, or worse after seeing themself lose the motivation again.

This can be seen with someone who is briefly motivated to lose weight. They will start going to the gym and trying to eat healthy. They will do fine for the first week or two, then they will begin dropping fast food places again “just this one time”, and a month later they are back when they started.

Why does this happen? Because that is not how motivation works. Motivation is not a constant happy feeling about doing what you want to do. Motivation comes and goes. It gives you a push. It ignites a spark. It gets the ball rolling.

Motivation can’t be relied upon. It will leave you. Instead, motivation must give way to discipline. When the motivation to continue eating right, shutting off the games, saying no the parties, and lifting weights has long left you, then what will you do?

Become Disciplined.

That’s the secret to motivation. Use it to jumpstart your life. It will keep you going for awhile, just as kindling keeps a small fire going for a moment. However, more fuel is soon required for a fire to grow.

This additional fuel is discipline. Making yourself continue to do what you did while motivated, until it’s a habit. When it’s a habit you will no longer have to try.

When you give a small fire more and more fuel, eventually you will no longer have to. The fire will become self sufficient, a roaring inferno.

This is what you must do with your motivation. Do not long for another spark, for more kindling, for more motivation. Use what you already have, and start a fire. Take responsibility and discipline yourself.

But what if you do not have motivation in the first place?

Then you never really wanted it. If you want a better body, the motivation will come, and when it does it is up to you to take hold of it and use it to begin your journey of motivation. The motivation will make it easy for a short time, but then it will leave. If you have not begun to strictly discipline yourself that is all you will see of your progress.

If the motivation never comes, it means you never truly wanted it. Motivation comes from you. Others can makey you feel good, or help you find motivation for something you already want to do, or make you decide you want something, but ultimately you must want something for the motivation to come.

I do not feel motivated to learn an instrument. Why is that? Because I do not want to. One day that may change, but for now no motivation will come because I do not want it.

I do not feel motivated to write a post right now. Why is that? Because my motivation was the spark that caused me to start this website years ago, and it is because of discipline I am writing. Not because I feel like it, but because I know I need to. Because I truly want it.

If you want to find motivation for something, you must first truly want it. Not a simple “oh, that’d be nice to have”, but a deep seated decision within your consciousness. A decision that is very deliberate.

You must first want the spark. Then when the spark comes, you must be ready for it. Ready for discipline. You will then have a long battle of keeping the fire going as it grows.

But if you continue, one day the fire will consume you. What was once a spark, a small change in your life, could become the driving force behind it.

That is the secret to motivation.