Century Specialization

Century: a hundred; anything consisting of a hundred parts That is the Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary definition for century, and the one I will be using. Century Specialization is using the number 100 to specialize in training a physical weakness. It can be used to bring up a lagging body part, or for training a weak movement. The goal is to reach 100 reps in one way or another, depending on movement and goal. I will visit two ways I personally have used century specialization, as I call it, to further my goals. First is for bodybuilding, muscle isolation specialization: For this you pick an isolation exercise that you can do for one large set of 100. I chose calf raises, since I wanted larger calves (one of few body parts not being worked by the heavy lifting I was doing). I performed a single set of a hundred 5-6 days a week for about four weeks, and noticed significant size increase in my calves. You can pick any exercise for this, just make sure you can do 100 straight reps. If you can’t do 100 reps, decrease either weight or range of motion. For calf raises, it is best to do them flat on the floor, or else you may not finish the set. Curls could also be used, by picking a light stick that can be curled 100 times. Or maybe a pressing movement by using a book. Any movement that hits a muscle lagging behind in size, … Continue reading

Gifts for Spartans

Christmas is right around the corner… …and it is customary to buy/make gifts for others to give to them on Christmas day. Chances are if you’re trying to buy something for someone, they already have a list of things they want. That is fine. However, here is a list I made of a few programs you could get to give to any “health freaks” you know, or fellow Spartans. I’ll give a summary of each program along with a mini review. And yes, I am affiliated with some of these programs, so if me making money of these recommendations offends you, I don’t much care. I only recommend programs I have either done myself, or programs made by people I trust and would use myself. So without further ado… How To Get a Classic Physique: This is amongst my personal favorites… …and one I have used myself. I’ve written a previous review about it, so I won’t stay long on it here. The focus of this program is to build a body similar to that of old school strongmen and bodybuilders. Main focuses are on diet, strength training, lifestyle and conditioning. Also mentions other Spartan principles that I have grown to love, such as meditation and cold showers. Great for someone who already has a passion for strength training, has access to equipment, and knows how to do the basic lifts. Body of a Spartan: The name itself is good. Simple and to the point. That’s what this program is.  … Continue reading