My First Strength Routine

I have been lifting weights for several years now, with various levels of equipment, dedication and success.Because I didn’t always have ideal equipment, I couldn’t always follow the routines I read as they were written, so for a long time I improvised based off what I had. I tried many routines that increased my strength, but none of them “clicked” as a strength training routine to me. Not one of them I felt drawn to return to. Things changed when I realized my college allowed students free access to their gym. I could take my strength training to the next level. I spent semester after semester exercising both at the college (with all the free weights) and in my backyard (with a more limited selection). I read many books, experimented with many exercises, modified many routines, and eventually I hit one of my favorite routines of all time. My very first “serious” strength routine. Ready for it? Here it is: Front Squat 3×5 (3 sets of 5 reps) Deadlift 3×5 Weighted Pullups 3×5 Weighted Dips 3×5 And that’s it! I followed this routine from October 30th to December 6th of 2012. My first entry looked like this: Front Squat 145lb 3×5 Deadlift 175lb 3×5 Pullups 20lb 3×5 (that means bodyweight plus 20lbs) Dips 45lb 3×5 (bodyweight plus 45lbs) I started at weights I knew I could lift fairly easily, to build momentum with my gains. Initially I could jump up weight quick, but after a couple weeks it was really … Continue reading