Music: The Anabolic, The Catabolic and the Bio-Energetic

More than a year ago I posted a brief article about a new concept I had stumbled upon, about music and it’s possible anabolic and catabolic effects. Looking back it was highly inadequate, especially now that I’ve heavily refined the idea. Here’s the original, if you wish to look back. I’m going into more detail today, so let me define a few terms I will be using: Anabolic: Building up of energy or using energy to make complex objects out of simple ones (building up) Catabolic: Unleashing/usage of energy or breaking complex objects down into simple ones (tearing down) Bio-energetic: A balance between anabolic and catabolic. Potential energy: The… potential energy… something has to use. It’s so simple I don’t know how to explain it. Think of a bomb that hasn’t exploded. It has lots of potential energy. There you go. I expect you to act smart with me today, so hold on. Music has very powerful effects on the mind and body. We all have some music we love, and others we hate. Personally, I think whatever I like is the best and what I don’t like is the worst, and if you don’t agree with me your opinion is wrong. Now moving on. For years I was perplexed trying to understand why certain people react certain ways to certain music. That question was pushed even harder on me when at 15 and 16 my dad asked me why I blasted stuff like Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin while … Continue reading