End of Year Resolution

Every year millions of people make New Year’s Resolutions. Every year millions of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. It’s become tradition now to make and then break your resolution. After all, everyone does it. I have a new proposition; an End of the Year Resolution. Look at yourself now. Look at what shape you’re in, your position in life, your relationships, your intelligence, whatever you choose. Look at how you are now, and decide how you want to be. Then decide to spend the rest of the year achieving that goal. Since no one else you meet will likely have an End of Year Resolution, you won’t have people failing them all around you. You can set a new standard, for yourself and others. For myself, I want to weigh in at 200lbs with 12% bodyfat, and have my entreprenuel pursuits at least equal my current paycheck. As it is now I weigh approximately 180lbs while at most 14% bodyfat (haven’t measured either in awhile) and am recieving no money from my entreprenuel pursuits (including this blog). Will you join me in making an End of Year Resolution? Let’s see what we can change by December 31st.

Inspiration Series Part 6: Firewall

Learning to be yourself is a subject I touch on quite often. It’s a challenge, because it is so easy to do what is expected and normal. But doing so leads to a dull life. However, discussing why we aren’t ourselves and why we should be isn’t the point of this post. I have discovered a song that describes the idea and act of being unique itself. It is from a song called Firewall, by Les Friction.   In particular, it is the second verse that inspires me, here are the lyrics: This force is in love with you It wants you safe It wants you well This force knows what you can do And what you can make With your tattered shell Faith in your device So quiet and precise Just when, not how You can feel it now Deep beneath the light A spark will now ignite And you will see me now This is our world now Although I don’t care to analyze the entire song and it’s original meaning, I will analyze this section. First of, the words “this force” and “it”, I interpret as meaning the real you. Deep within the shell we all think is us. It is your potential. Who you could be… and yet who you really are. So when the song says “this force is in love with you/it wants you safe/it wants you well”, I hear it meaning that You (capitalized You will stand for the inner you, normal you stands for… … Continue reading