You Have No Problems

It’s Tradition Now to Complain About Our Problems. About how terrible Mondays are. How terrible kids are. How boring work is. How hard exercise is. How you got dumped. How sick you feel. How bad the economy is. The list goes on. I hear people complain about almost everything. It’s a game, a competition, an ice breaker! People are more than willing to discuss their problems, talk about how unfair life is, and too look for something to complain about then they are too actually try and fix the problem or find something positive to talk about. And friendly gossip doesn’t count. Well guess what. That’s exactly why they are in that mess. They focus on the problem. They complain. Since when has that honestly solved anything? Life isn’t about filling out a complaint form and waiting for someone else to fix the issue while you sit back and whine about it. At least… it isn’t for someone who has no problems. Someone without any problems takes action to solve them, he doesn’t waste energy complaining about it. I am about to share with you how to solve all your problems. And I’m even sharing it for free. I use this “secret” myself, and it causes people to become uncomfortable with how positive of an outlook I have. It takes practice and discipline to keep it up, but it is possible. And very rewarding. Here it is. All you must do is ask yourself one question: Can I fix the … Continue reading