Break the Addiction: Comfort

Medieval_wallpapers_47The strongest sword and the most beautiful golden crown have one thing in common, they were birthed in fire. At one point, the gold and the iron were nothing but a dirty rock with a little valuable ore within. From there, the rock was torn apart and melted down into a boiling liquid that could eat the flesh off bones. From there, the molten metal would be poured into a mold to form an ingot after cooling. This ingot would then be repeatedly heated up and beaten with a hammer, for hours on end, until the desired shape took place. After reaching the desired shape, the crown must finally be polished and the blade sharpened. At this point is the metal cool and strong, ready to be used or worn. Ready to serve it’s purpose. Ready to to conquer and rule over empires.

But all this only after being consumed in fire, beaten with a hammer, drowned in oil, and ground against a stone.

Before the sword may rest peacefully yet powerfully in it’s sheath, or the crown sit gloriously on the head of a king, it must be put through a force strong enough to break the bonds between metal that are too small for us to see.

You are too comfortable. You are nothing more than a chunk of ore, and that is all you will be unless you surrender your comfort.

You will never be able to grow and become successful if your top priority is comfort. At that point, just like any addiction, you will become nothing.

Regardless of your ultimate goal, if it is a worthy goal at all, in order to achieve it you will be challenged. Challenges are not comfortable. Growth is not comfortable. It is only comfortable when we arrive.

Remember, the only guarantee life provides is that it ends. You don’t have forever. An opportunity to change your life could be presented to you today, but it may be disguised in mud, blood, sleepless nights, hunger, pain, loss, risk, mockery, rejection, sickness, and discomfort.

But if you stay a useless rock your whole life, you have no one to blame but yourself. Give up your comfort, cease your constant striving for safety and stability, and find out what is really inside of you.

Break the addiction of being comfortable, and be free to forge your future. Let’s see what you can really do.

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