Of Men, Zombies and the Apocalypse

It is undeniable that there has been a major rise in all things zombie and apocalyptic recently. There are numerous reasons for this, and I don’t care to hear or discuss them, not now. Save one. The apocalypse resonates with something deep inside us, deep within the heart of men. Civilization crumbling to hoards of zombies touches upon an instinct that is otherwise left dormant. But let us consider, for a moment, what this apocalypse would mean. Millions upon millions would be left without access to food and medical care, causing deaths beyond our comprehension within a weeks, or even days. Without someone to look after them, young children, elderly, cancer patients, diabetics, our weak, sick and especially our most innocent would die. Tens of thousands would be left to rot, zombies or no. We would have no new food and oil shipped around the world. Areas without natural access to water would die. The tens of millions who are accustomed to going to the store for food would starve within months or weeks. Major population centers would be the first to fall to the masses who hunger and thirst within. Many cities only have enough food to last a few days at most with out more being shipped in. How long have you ever gone without food or drink? Now add zombies into the mix of millions of sick, starving and weak people wanting only to find a drink of water, or a safe place to rest peacefully for a … Continue reading

Be Afraid

What is this thing called fearlessness? Tell me the bear defending it’s cubs from the wolves feels no fear. Tell me the Masai tribesman standing before the ferocious lion with nothing but a spear feels no fear. Tell me the wolverine defending it’s kill from a bear ten times it’s size feels no fear. Tell me the Spartans felt no fear when faced with an endless hoard ready to wash over them with the flesh and blood of every nation under Persian rule. No sane creature may be without fear. Our bodies are meant to feel fear. We are meant to be afraid. It keeps us alive. It focuses our body and mind on survival. Fear primes our muscles for action, draws blood from our skin so we will bleed less when cut, puts our senses into overdrive so we may better perceive threats. Fear is a chemical reaction within our body. Fear is meant to keep us alive. A creature that does not feel fear will die. Then what is fearlessness? It is an illusion. One may only appear fearless. Those on the outside do not understand, for they do not feel the fear. But you know… the fear is very real. Push forward despite the fear and you will be seen as fearless. Courage and Bravery are better words for what is called “fearlessness”. Achieving courage is simple, becoming brave is very straight forward, but by no means easy. Step 1: Be afraid. Face the lion that is your fear. Step 2: … Continue reading

How To Have a Great New Year

I have a big problem with doing what most people do, and most people reference the fact that it’s a new year and we should do something with this new period in our lives… yeah, whatever. Me being me, I saw January 1st 2013 just the same as any other day, such as December 31st 2012 before it. However, I did finally cave. I am writing a post about the New Year. Just like everybody else… I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution. Everybody does that. Most of them fail, too. My goal for the year 2013 is the same as it was for 2012. The same goal today as it was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. To become a better person, to improve myself and the world. My plan is to reach 2014 and see how much of a better person I am, my plan is also to reach February and see how much of a better person I am. The ways I can do this are simple. Bring in money, strengthen friendships, start a Bible study, train harder, gather clients for training, become a better servant, better time management, more dedicated self education, etc. These are all based off my goals for myself, some reaching decades into the future. In order for me to have a great New Year, I will take things step by step, day by day, and try to always improve a little bit over last time. The same way I do with the barbell. … Continue reading

Inspiration Series Part 3: Eminem’s “Not Afraid”

  I keep a lookout for information, wisdom and inspiration all the time. If I hear a useful tidbit or piece of advice I remember, regardless of who it’s from. If I draw inspiration from a music video outside the realm of my normal music, I don’t turn that away either. A particular music video did just this, and that is Eminem’s “Not Afraid” video: Note, video contains language that some may not approve of. Be warned. I will attempt to briefly explain one particular way I see the symbolism in this video, the reason it is so inspiring to me. Hopefully it will be for you too. The video starts with Eminem standing on the edge of a building in the middle of a city. And obviously, that looks dangerous. Looking at where he is now, we assume he is in danger and possible even suicidal. No sane person would stand on an edge like that, they could get hurt. It’s risky. There’s no security. It appears foolish. But this isn’t the whole story. We next see him in a small, dirty room. Alone… but safe and secure, right? He can’t fall from here. But he obviously doesn’t seem happy. I see this as the safe “box” we are taught to live in. (I’ll be showing the events in chronological order now, the video organizes it a bit different for dramatic effect). Eminem stays in this room, angry until he throws a chair at the wall and notices it … Continue reading

Take a chance. Be a Man. Be a Spartan.

When I woke up this morning I read this post from Art of Manliness, and when I sat down to work on this site, I was inspired write about it. That post also further inspired me to continue what I began by purchasing this domain and hosting with my measly funds. Take chances, take risks. In that post, Want to feel like a man? Then act like one, it is said that in order to be the man you want to be, you must be (act like) the man you want to be. I want to be a courageous man willing to take chances for potential benefit. And out of my many inspirations, the Spartans of course should be mentioned here. After all, they are the inspiration for naming this blog. The Spartans were willing to sacrifice safety and comfort to become elite fighters. They took a chance every day in training. It is even said of the Spartans that to them, war was a break from training. So then, if I want to be the man I want to  be, if I want to continue this effort of Spartan Living, it makes sense I should act it out. That’s why I spent about half of the money I had saved in this small savings account on web domains, hosting, and ebooks. That’s why I’m not working at some fast food restaurant where I’ll be miserable and surrounded by food I don’t want to touch. Heck, that’s why I take … Continue reading

So it begins… My Risk

Spartans live a life of risk and excitement. Well, I have certainly taken some risk. While unemployed I bought some domains and hosting to begin making money on line. Very simple, but very risky. For me at least, since I had almost no money. I will also begin to use my Youtube account for this name, SpartanLiving, in the near future. Just need the money to purchase a good camera.   Spartan Living. It’s simple, but covers all aspects of life. What you eat, your lifestyle, your mindset; so much. That is what this blog is about, living the Spartan life. Now to work to make back the money I lost on this venture. This is rather unnerving for me, because I have no other way to replace the money lost today. So… will I succeed? Will this risk be worth it?   Let’s find out!