You Are Not You

Inspiration, your Alpha Mode, Daimon (Greek “Genius”). The Real You. Hidden beneath but begging to be unleashed. Quietly ignored by most, fully embraced by some. All throughout history mankind has recognized this power. It has had many names. Those I listed above are only a few. The Greeks had a far different understanding of it than we do now. They believed every person born had a spirit, their daimon or “genius”, bound to them. This genius would look out for them through life and at times take them over. The greeks did not see being a genius as something you forced, instead you let it happen. The genius, inspiration, cannot be forced. In the book “The Virtues of War” a novel about Alexander the Great by Steven Pressfield, Alexander recognizes his daimon. He knows that his daimon is really him, also named Alexander. “He is not me,” I [Alexander] have said, “but a creature to whom I am bound. It is as if this thing called ‘Alexander’ has been twinned with me at birth, fully formed, and that I only now discover it, aspect by aspect, as I grow. This ‘Alexander’ is greater than I. Crueler than I. He knows rages I cannot fathom and dreams beyond what my heart can compass. He is cold and canny, brilliant and ruthless and without fear. He is inhuman. A monster indeed, not as Achilles was, or Agamemnon, both of whom were blind to their own monstrousness. No, this ‘Alexander’ knows what he … Continue reading

The Art of Surrender

What do you fear? What holds you back? What do you want? Why aren’t you better? Why aren’t you stronger? Why aren’t you smarter? There is so much more you are capable of, yet you linger here, weak and afraid. You know what you want, whether you realize it or not. There is a passion inside of you for something greater. What do you fear? The world is before you, and yet here you remain. Is it failure you fear? Loneliness? Change? The unknown? Rejection? Pain? What holds you back? What are you holding on to? What is your excuse? You can never move forward if you hold onto what you are now. You can never step into the future if you linger in the past. Why is a wounded animal the most dangerous? Why is a hungry lion the one to fear? Because they are weak. Their weakness makes them fierce, it grants them a hunger for survival. Their comfort has been stripped from them, and they must fight to reattain it. Why did the Persians fear the Spartans after the battle of Thermopylae? Because the Spartans surrendered their right to life and victory in order to destroy as many as possible. They did not fight to win, they simply fought. They surrendered everything that held them back from ferosity, even victory, in order fight. They fought until their weapons failed them and they were left with their teeth and nails as weapons. What holds you back? What satisfies … Continue reading

The Secret of Motivation

Motivation is heavily misunderstood. When most aren’t happy with their lives, they blame it on a lack of motivation. When the motivation does come to improve their lives, they’ll jump up and start happily. However, the motivation fades and they are back to normal, or worse after seeing themself lose the motivation again. This can be seen with someone who is briefly motivated to lose weight. They will start going to the gym and trying to eat healthy. They will do fine for the first week or two, then they will begin dropping fast food places again “just this one time”, and a month later they are back when they started. Why does this happen? Because that is not how motivation works. Motivation is not a constant happy feeling about doing what you want to do. Motivation comes and goes. It gives you a push. It ignites a spark. It gets the ball rolling. Motivation can’t be relied upon. It will leave you. Instead, motivation must give way to discipline. When the motivation to continue eating right, shutting off the games, saying no the parties, and lifting weights has long left you, then what will you do? Become Disciplined. That’s the secret to motivation. Use it to jumpstart your life. It will keep you going for awhile, just as kindling keeps a small fire going for a moment. However, more fuel is soon required for a fire to grow. This additional fuel is discipline. Making yourself continue to do what … Continue reading

You Have No Problems

It’s Tradition Now to Complain About Our Problems. About how terrible Mondays are. How terrible kids are. How boring work is. How hard exercise is. How you got dumped. How sick you feel. How bad the economy is. The list goes on. I hear people complain about almost everything. It’s a game, a competition, an ice breaker! People are more than willing to discuss their problems, talk about how unfair life is, and too look for something to complain about then they are too actually try and fix the problem or find something positive to talk about. And friendly gossip doesn’t count. Well guess what. That’s exactly why they are in that mess. They focus on the problem. They complain. Since when has that honestly solved anything? Life isn’t about filling out a complaint form and waiting for someone else to fix the issue while you sit back and whine about it. At least… it isn’t for someone who has no problems. Someone without any problems takes action to solve them, he doesn’t waste energy complaining about it. I am about to share with you how to solve all your problems. And I’m even sharing it for free. I use this “secret” myself, and it causes people to become uncomfortable with how positive of an outlook I have. It takes practice and discipline to keep it up, but it is possible. And very rewarding. Here it is. All you must do is ask yourself one question: Can I fix the … Continue reading

End of Year Resolution

Every year millions of people make New Year’s Resolutions. Every year millions of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. It’s become tradition now to make and then break your resolution. After all, everyone does it. I have a new proposition; an End of the Year Resolution. Look at yourself now. Look at what shape you’re in, your position in life, your relationships, your intelligence, whatever you choose. Look at how you are now, and decide how you want to be. Then decide to spend the rest of the year achieving that goal. Since no one else you meet will likely have an End of Year Resolution, you won’t have people failing them all around you. You can set a new standard, for yourself and others. For myself, I want to weigh in at 200lbs with 12% bodyfat, and have my entreprenuel pursuits at least equal my current paycheck. As it is now I weigh approximately 180lbs while at most 14% bodyfat (haven’t measured either in awhile) and am recieving no money from my entreprenuel pursuits (including this blog). Will you join me in making an End of Year Resolution? Let’s see what we can change by December 31st.

Inspiration Series Part 6: Firewall

Learning to be yourself is a subject I touch on quite often. It’s a challenge, because it is so easy to do what is expected and normal. But doing so leads to a dull life. However, discussing why we aren’t ourselves and why we should be isn’t the point of this post. I have discovered a song that describes the idea and act of being unique itself. It is from a song called Firewall, by Les Friction.   In particular, it is the second verse that inspires me, here are the lyrics: This force is in love with you It wants you safe It wants you well This force knows what you can do And what you can make With your tattered shell Faith in your device So quiet and precise Just when, not how You can feel it now Deep beneath the light A spark will now ignite And you will see me now This is our world now Although I don’t care to analyze the entire song and it’s original meaning, I will analyze this section. First of, the words “this force” and “it”, I interpret as meaning the real you. Deep within the shell we all think is us. It is your potential. Who you could be… and yet who you really are. So when the song says “this force is in love with you/it wants you safe/it wants you well”, I hear it meaning that You (capitalized You will stand for the inner you, normal you stands for… … Continue reading

Music: The Anabolic, The Catabolic and the Bio-Energetic

More than a year ago I posted a brief article about a new concept I had stumbled upon, about music and it’s possible anabolic and catabolic effects. Looking back it was highly inadequate, especially now that I’ve heavily refined the idea. Here’s the original, if you wish to look back. I’m going into more detail today, so let me define a few terms I will be using: Anabolic: Building up of energy or using energy to make complex objects out of simple ones (building up) Catabolic: Unleashing/usage of energy or breaking complex objects down into simple ones (tearing down) Bio-energetic: A balance between anabolic and catabolic. Potential energy: The… potential energy… something has to use. It’s so simple I don’t know how to explain it. Think of a bomb that hasn’t exploded. It has lots of potential energy. There you go. I expect you to act smart with me today, so hold on. Music has very powerful effects on the mind and body. We all have some music we love, and others we hate. Personally, I think whatever I like is the best and what I don’t like is the worst, and if you don’t agree with me your opinion is wrong. Now moving on. For years I was perplexed trying to understand why certain people react certain ways to certain music. That question was pushed even harder on me when at 15 and 16 my dad asked me why I blasted stuff like Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin while … Continue reading

Oldschool Training: Like a Sir

Normally I decide days or even weeks ahead of time that I want to write a particular post or write about a particular topic. But an hour before writing this post, the idea of it didn’t even exist. Writing something this spontaneous isn’t normal for me. However, while checking my facebook newsfeed, I saw this picture: It was humorous on the surface, but as I kept on scrolling down my feed, I kept thinking about it. I realized that there is some “truth” to that statement. Oldschool trainers, strongmen, and bodybuilders (early 1900’s and before) achieved very impressive physiques and did many impressive feats of strength that we still strive for. What has changed in the time since is they way we do so. It is now in vogue to focus on isolation exercises, low fat diets, protein shakes, supplements, and more weird stuff I can’t even recall. The irony of this situation is that many people are trying to repeat results done by someone else, by using different methods, and expecting the same results. While certain oldschool trainers (that’s the general term I use) would eat lots of meat, drink every night, lift using heavy compound movements, and live a healthy lifestyle, people try to do just the exact opposite and expect to gain similar results. That is where the humor in the above photo comes from. Where a modern trainer would worry about getting his protein drink in, an oldschool trainer would simply poor himself a drink knowing … Continue reading

Battling Anxiety

We’ve all heard of the “fight or flight response”. It’s what happens when we encounter a stressful situation and our body/mind either decides to face the problem or retreat from it. This is how we also are able to respond to anxiety, either by facing what’s causing the anxiety or ignoring the problem. My Biology professor actually made a nice little image which sums up this process, so I promptly stole a picture of it: We naturally try to find equilibrium, or our “comfort cycle” as it’s called in the illustration. When something tries to take us out of this (good or bad), anxiety can build up. Once we reach a threshold (which we all have), we try to decrease anxiety to bring us back to our comfort cycle. I’ll use an example that happened to me right before writing this. I needed to go to the bank and deposit a check, but I didn’t want to disrupt my daily norm, my comfort cycle, in order to do so. This went on for a couple weeks, with me always finding something else to do. Eventually anxiety began to build up over this situation, especially since I needed to pay for my Aweber service soon and my account didn’t have the money. My response had been “flight” for so long, that I had just one day left to get the money in. Knowing this, anxiety built up more (over such a little thing!) I did finally decide to step out of … Continue reading

How To Have a Great New Year

I have a big problem with doing what most people do, and most people reference the fact that it’s a new year and we should do something with this new period in our lives… yeah, whatever. Me being me, I saw January 1st 2013 just the same as any other day, such as December 31st 2012 before it. However, I did finally cave. I am writing a post about the New Year. Just like everybody else… I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution. Everybody does that. Most of them fail, too. My goal for the year 2013 is the same as it was for 2012. The same goal today as it was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. To become a better person, to improve myself and the world. My plan is to reach 2014 and see how much of a better person I am, my plan is also to reach February and see how much of a better person I am. The ways I can do this are simple. Bring in money, strengthen friendships, start a Bible study, train harder, gather clients for training, become a better servant, better time management, more dedicated self education, etc. These are all based off my goals for myself, some reaching decades into the future. In order for me to have a great New Year, I will take things step by step, day by day, and try to always improve a little bit over last time. The same way I do with the barbell. … Continue reading