Music: The Anabolic, The Catabolic and the Bio-Energetic

More than a year ago I posted a brief article about a new concept I had stumbled upon, about music and it’s possible anabolic and catabolic effects. Looking back it was highly inadequate, especially now that I’ve heavily refined the idea. Here’s the original, if you wish to look back. I’m going into more detail today, so let me define a few terms I will be using: Anabolic: Building up of energy or using energy to make complex objects out of simple ones (building up) Catabolic: Unleashing/usage of energy or breaking complex objects down into simple ones (tearing down) Bio-energetic: A balance between anabolic and catabolic. Potential energy: The… potential energy… something has to use. It’s so simple I don’t know how to explain it. Think of a bomb that hasn’t exploded. It has lots of potential energy. There you go. I expect you to act smart with me today, so hold on. Music has very powerful effects on the mind and body. We all have some music we love, and others we hate. Personally, I think whatever I like is the best and what I don’t like is the worst, and if you don’t agree with me your opinion is wrong. Now moving on. For years I was perplexed trying to understand why certain people react certain ways to certain music. That question was pushed even harder on me when at 15 and 16 my dad asked me why I blasted stuff like Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin while … Continue reading

Oldschool Training: Like a Sir

Normally I decide days or even weeks ahead of time that I want to write a particular post or write about a particular topic. But an hour before writing this post, the idea of it didn’t even exist. Writing something this spontaneous isn’t normal for me. However, while checking my facebook newsfeed, I saw this picture: It was humorous on the surface, but as I kept on scrolling down my feed, I kept thinking about it. I realized that there is some “truth” to that statement. Oldschool trainers, strongmen, and bodybuilders (early 1900’s and before) achieved very impressive physiques and did many impressive feats of strength that we still strive for. What has changed in the time since is they way we do so. It is now in vogue to focus on isolation exercises, low fat diets, protein shakes, supplements, and more weird stuff I can’t even recall. The irony of this situation is that many people are trying to repeat results done by someone else, by using different methods, and expecting the same results. While certain oldschool trainers (that’s the general term I use) would eat lots of meat, drink every night, lift using heavy compound movements, and live a healthy lifestyle, people try to do just the exact opposite and expect to gain similar results. That is where the humor in the above photo comes from. Where a modern trainer would worry about getting his protein drink in, an oldschool trainer would simply poor himself a drink knowing … Continue reading

Battling Anxiety

We’ve all heard of the “fight or flight response”. It’s what happens when we encounter a stressful situation and our body/mind either decides to face the problem or retreat from it. This is how we also are able to respond to anxiety, either by facing what’s causing the anxiety or ignoring the problem. My Biology professor actually made a nice little image which sums up this process, so I promptly stole a picture of it: We naturally try to find equilibrium, or our “comfort cycle” as it’s called in the illustration. When something tries to take us out of this (good or bad), anxiety can build up. Once we reach a threshold (which we all have), we try to decrease anxiety to bring us back to our comfort cycle. I’ll use an example that happened to me right before writing this. I needed to go to the bank and deposit a check, but I didn’t want to disrupt my daily norm, my comfort cycle, in order to do so. This went on for a couple weeks, with me always finding something else to do. Eventually anxiety began to build up over this situation, especially since I needed to pay for my Aweber service soon and my account didn’t have the money. My response had been “flight” for so long, that I had just one day left to get the money in. Knowing this, anxiety built up more (over such a little thing!) I did finally decide to step out of … Continue reading

Gifts for Spartans

Christmas is right around the corner… …and it is customary to buy/make gifts for others to give to them on Christmas day. Chances are if you’re trying to buy something for someone, they already have a list of things they want. That is fine. However, here is a list I made of a few programs you could get to give to any “health freaks” you know, or fellow Spartans. I’ll give a summary of each program along with a mini review. And yes, I am affiliated with some of these programs, so if me making money of these recommendations offends you, I don’t much care. I only recommend programs I have either done myself, or programs made by people I trust and would use myself. So without further ado… How To Get a Classic Physique: This is amongst my personal favorites… …and one I have used myself. I’ve written a previous review about it, so I won’t stay long on it here. The focus of this program is to build a body similar to that of old school strongmen and bodybuilders. Main focuses are on diet, strength training, lifestyle and conditioning. Also mentions other Spartan principles that I have grown to love, such as meditation and cold showers. Great for someone who already has a passion for strength training, has access to equipment, and knows how to do the basic lifts. Body of a Spartan: The name itself is good. Simple and to the point. That’s what this program is.  … Continue reading

Greeks and Spartans

You are aware that all Spartans were Greeks, right? But not all Greeks were Spartans. Whenever you hear the word “Greek” you probably think about vase paintings, or cool stories about gods and monsters, or music, or Olympic games, or art and fancy stuff in general. When you hear the word “Spartan”, none of that comes to mind. The reason for this is the Spartans made an effort to separate themselves from the rest of the world in the way they lived. They may have been surrounded by other Greeks, but they were far, far different. That is why when referring to non-Spartan Greeks, we say “the Greeks”. We we refer to all Greeks, we must say “Greeks and Spartans”. Why do I even bring this up? This blog is called Spartan Living. We should separate ourselves in a similar way. We me live in a world filled with normal people, they may be our friends and family, but we should live, act, and be so different that we are not associated with everyone else as equals, like the Spartans. The Spartans were almost a different world, a completely different culture. Each one of us has the choice to be different then everyone else. We each have a choice to be a “Spartan” in a world of “Greeks”. When a stranger sees you, make it impossible for them to associate you with normal people. Stand out. Standing out that much can take awhile, and it can hurt. At first you … Continue reading

Inspiration Series Part 1: Elliott Hulse

We all need inspiration in our lives. Something to get us up in the morning, something to make us train hard, something that drives us. This is the first post of many in a series where I tell you about what inspires me. I encourage all of you to find inspiration somewhere, whether it’s a song, a person, a memory, doesn’t matter. As long as it inspires you. So today, I will talk about someone who inspires me in the health and fitness world, Elliott Hulse. In my previous post, I reviewed his Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded system. In that post, I also recommended it, and I only do that to systems I truly recommend. Especially from people who I highly respect, such as Elliott. He gives out lots of great information for free, wanting to help everyone become the strongest version of yourself. From reading his emails, watching his “Yo Elliott” question videos, and just looking at all the info he puts out to help others, he has inspired me to do the same. That’s why I started this blog! He encourages to do what you love, and if you can make money while you do it. It was his words that really pushed me, inspired me, to take the risk I’ve mentioned before, starting this site. And when it comes to training, seeing Elliott at his strongman competitions and training in his gym (lifting some pretty heavy weights like a boss) inspire me to train harder, as well … Continue reading

Why I Recommend Lean Hybrid Muscle (Reloaded)

First off, I must say that Elliott Hulse, one of the creators of this system, is probably one of my biggest inspirations and has lots of knowledge and experience in the fitness world. If my little review can get him a few more sales, it’s the least I could do for all the information he’s given me. He knows what he’s talking about, wouldn’t you say? Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded. The program that does a little bit of everything. That’s what hybrid means after all, right? This program is designed primarily for anyone with the goal of being athletic, functional, strong and good looking. Sounds like most everyone, doesn’t it? The idea behind this program is building what is referred to as “type III muscle fiber”, a hybrid that is both strong and has lots of endurance (which also burns fat). Getting yourself to that point isn’t easy, and I’ll be honest, I haven’t been able to push myself that hard yet, but listening to Elliott’s info has still done a lot nonetheless. This is a goal that is general enough to apply to lots of people. Have a healthy amount of muscle mass (as a natural bodybuilder should) while at the same time being as strong as you look (powerlifter and strongman). And one very important part, avoiding what Elliott calls “P.M.S.” or Puffy Muscle Syndrome. This is muscle seen from normal bodybuilders (natural and otherwise) or from anyone who follows the normal bodybuilding idea of bulking and cutting. … Continue reading

Visual Impact Muscle Building, A Simple Review

Visual Impact Muscle Building. A more sophisticated book designed to get a very specific look. If you’re goal is to achieve the very lean and cut look seen in the examples shown, then this book is for you. Visual Impact Muscle Building isn’t about achieving a 500lb bench press, or adding 60lbs of muscle onto your frame (although who knows what could happen). No, it’s about becoming very lean and looking good no matter what you wear. Only buy this if it fits your goal, because it is very specific. If your goal is NOT to achieve a very lean, cut look and have a very defined six pack and body, don’t bother reading on. Read another post. If this super cut look IS your goal, read on. Something Rusty Moore, the author of this book, mentions that I’ve never heard before is called the “shrink wrap effect”. What is the shink wrap effect? The secret he uses for getting this lean. It is a rather simple idea, which I found revolutionary. With this strategy, you get to a low body fat level, then actually build muscle at a weight lighter then your goal. After your skin shrinks down, you begin “sarcoplasmic” training for size, which causes your muscles to fill out the skin. This creates a very lean, cut look. A shrink wrapped look, as it is called here. Does it work? It does if you do. I say that with just about everything here, don’t I? Anyway, if … Continue reading

Take a chance. Be a Man. Be a Spartan.

When I woke up this morning I read this post from Art of Manliness, and when I sat down to work on this site, I was inspired write about it. That post also further inspired me to continue what I began by purchasing this domain and hosting with my measly funds. Take chances, take risks. In that post, Want to feel like a man? Then act like one, it is said that in order to be the man you want to be, you must be (act like) the man you want to be. I want to be a courageous man willing to take chances for potential benefit. And out of my many inspirations, the Spartans of course should be mentioned here. After all, they are the inspiration for naming this blog. The Spartans were willing to sacrifice safety and comfort to become elite fighters. They took a chance every day in training. It is even said of the Spartans that to them, war was a break from training. So then, if I want to be the man I want to  be, if I want to continue this effort of Spartan Living, it makes sense I should act it out. That’s why I spent about half of the money I had saved in this small savings account on web domains, hosting, and ebooks. That’s why I’m not working at some fast food restaurant where I’ll be miserable and surrounded by food I don’t want to touch. Heck, that’s why I take … Continue reading

How To Build a Classic Physique, My Recommendation and Review

A short and simple paper back book. That’s what this product is physically. However, the information it holds is incredibly useful. Even on his site, Tried and True Fitness, The information Matt Marshall gives out for free is better then I hear from most anywhere else. When I paid for some of this information, it just got better. What is it I paid for? How to Build a Classic Physique. A very useful and simple book, with a focus on strength and health, while still looking good. Immediately after receiving this book, I read and reread it for about four hours straight. Maybe longer. It contains lots of good information that I was able to begin applying easily. My favorite part about this book is it’s emphasis on strength training. Personally, I don’t enjoy bodybuilding type training where you do high reps with short rests and pound the muscles to death. Instead, I prefer to lift a heavy weight a few times then take a long break. That’s the backbone of this book (was that a pun?). On a matter of preference alone, I really enjoy this book. It fits right along with the way I enjoy training. An average of three days a week, focus on strength training while gaining size. Lifting heavy weights. Full body workouts. Compound movements. I learned to love deadlifting after reading this book. Beyond just preference, How to Build a Classic Physique also delivers. At least if you do… The workouts are hard. They … Continue reading