How To Build a Classic Physique, My Recommendation and Review

A short and simple paper back book. That’s what this product is physically. However, the information it holds is incredibly useful. Even on his site, Tried and True Fitness, The information Matt Marshall gives out for free is better then I hear from most anywhere else.

When I paid for some of this information, it just got better. What is it I paid for? How to Build a Classic Physique. A very useful and simple book, with a focus on strength and health, while still looking good.

Immediately after receiving this book, I read and reread it for about four hours straight. Maybe longer. It contains lots of good information that I was able to begin applying easily.

My favorite part about this book is it’s emphasis on strength training. Personally, I don’t enjoy bodybuilding type training where you do high reps with short rests and pound the muscles to death. Instead, I prefer to lift a heavy weight a few times then take a long break. That’s the backbone of this book (was that a pun?).

On a matter of preference alone, I really enjoy this book. It fits right along with the way I enjoy training. An average of three days a week, focus on strength training while gaining size. Lifting heavy weights. Full body workouts. Compound movements. I learned to love deadlifting after reading this book.

Beyond just preference, How to Build a Classic Physique also delivers. At least if you do…

The workouts are hard. They have to be to get good results. The only results you’ll notice at first are probably being tired and sore. But when used consistently with constant progression, you begin to get bigger and stronger.

Now beyond just the workouts. Matt actually has an entire section of the book dedicated to lifestyle. He knows that there is more to health then what you eat and what you lift. In this section, along with other parts of the book, Matt discusses the importance of sleep, discipline, even the need to take cold showers. Now, to build serious strength and health the lifestyle you live will not be easy, but it will be simple and sustainable.

Along with lifestyle he does discuss diet. Not a typical “I need to lose 30 pounds for a beach party” diet that can only be sustained for a month or two because of calorie counting and all that crap. No, instead he talks about diet in a simple, sustainable way. I’m talking about for your entire lifetime here. And unlike the bodybuilding diets you hear today where you eat 6 times a day, Matt recommends as little as one or two meals a day. That doesn’t take to much time out of your day, does it?

Using basic equipment, buying simple foods, eating only a few times a day, doing simple workouts, and training hard, this book has excellent information which deliver results as long as you stay focused and determined. This book is not for the faint of heart. I’ve had trouble walking some days because of the intense training. I’ve gone hungry while others ate cake or feasted on breakfast because I was waiting for my big meal of healthy foods. I’ve slept with the window open on cold nights and taken only cold showers.

Because I did this, I get the results I want that are promised in this book. Were I to work harder with the principles given in this book, I would see better results even faster.

If you work diligently, you can too. So, if you heard about this book and are sitting on the sidelines about purchasing it, hopefully my review will help you decide (…to get it).

If you’ve never heard about this before, but are looking for a simple, sustainable, effective means of health, click here to check out the sales page for How to Build a Classic Physique by Matt Marshall.

Note: This also makes an excellent Christmas/Birthday gift if you know someone who enjoys training and health. I got this as a little Christmas gift myself.

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