Inspiration Series Part 1: Elliott Hulse

We all need inspiration in our lives. Something to get us up in the morning, something to make us train hard, something that drives us. This is the first post of many in a series where I tell you about what inspires me. I encourage all of you to find inspiration somewhere, whether it’s a song, a person, a memory, doesn’t matter. As long as it inspires you.

So today, I will talk about someone who inspires me in the health and fitness world, Elliott Hulse. In my previous post, I reviewed his Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded system. In that post, I also recommended it, and I only do that to systems I truly recommend. Especially from people who I highly respect, such as Elliott. He gives out lots of great information for free, wanting to help everyone become the strongest version of yourself.

From reading his emails, watching his “Yo Elliott” question videos, and just looking at all the info he puts out to help others, he has inspired me to do the same. That’s why I started this blog! He encourages to do what you love, and if you can make money while you do it. It was his words that really pushed me, inspired me, to take the risk I’ve mentioned before, starting this site.

And when it comes to training, seeing Elliott at his strongman competitions and training in his gym (lifting some pretty heavy weights like a boss) inspire me to train harder, as well as make me think over what my training goals really are. My goals have changed a lot in that regard, caring a lot more about strength then I have in the past.

I am also inspired in the business world by Elliott. He runs his own gym from which he trains his clients, and makes all his videos. One of my goals is to have my own gym to train and help people.

That is why I’m starting here, by telling people about me. Why I do what I do, and why they should listen to me long enough to become “subscribers” to my ideas. Like Elliott, I sometimes have weird ideas, but I have them to further strengthen myself and others.

Expect more of my inspiration series, and tell me what some of your inspirations are. Are they people? Real, fictional, dead, alive, doesn’t matter. A song? A book? Find an inspiration, and run with it. Take a chance.

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