Inspiration Series Part 2: The Lion

Inspirations come in all shapes and sizes. This one happens to be in the shape of a cat and weigh in at over 500lbs when fully grown.

Is that a smirk?

Yes, the lion. A few things about the lion, the first of which is obvious. It’s a predator. The top of it’s respective food chain. Second, it eats meat. Raw meat. Because of these two things, it is naturally a hunter whenever it isn’t stealing a kill. But hey, if you’re at the top, you can do that anyway in the animal kingdom!

As a meat eating predator, the lion shares something in common with many other meat eating predators. That is being strong, lean and fast. It is this combination that inspires me to study lions and other creatures to emulate certain habits of theirs that could benefit me.

An example is diet. Lions eat usually only once a day, sometimes even going several days without food if they got a big enough kill. They will feast on a carcass for hours if need be, and live of that until they are ready for their next meal. Putting this into people terms, it’s called intermittent fasting.

“Intermittent fasting” is the natural state of being for most any predator I have studied. And these predators are often much leaner and faster then their prey counterparts. So if having fewer but larger meals works for the lion, why not us? Many have tried and succeeded at this. There are programs designed around this entire idea! However, many inspirations, including the lion have urged me to return to this type of lifestyle. A lifestyle of one meal per day.

I am also inspired by the way lions hunt. They don’t chase an animal endlessly until it gives up; they can’t actually, since they aren’t able to sweat. A lion would simply drop dead if it ran too long. Instead, they sneak up close the sprint. A short, powerful, aggressive burst of speed. This also contributes to their lean physique.

As with the intermittent fasting “diet” of the lions, many have also tried this explosive training. Especially sprint training.

Worked for him

Emulating the short, aggressive type of workout is also, in part, inspired by lions. For that matter, so is putting more emphasis on body weight work over just free weights.  My personal inspiration, which has now even become preference, for short and intense workout stems in part from studying lions. Workouts also tend to be more fun and take up less time.

It is true that our bodies are completely capable of the multiple meals per day and longer workout scheme, but that isn’t what I enjoy and isn’t what inspires me. It is the predator, at the top of the food chain. The lean, mean fighting machine. The lion, along with other such apex predators, that inspires me to live similar to one myself.

Live as a hunter. Eat like a lion. Workout like a lion. Live as the lion.

I’ll let the prey snack on their sandwiches as I feast on meat and eggs, cooked or not.

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