Inspiration Series Part 5: Lindsey Stirling

I’ve already shown how I draw inspiration from fierce predators, courageous characters in stories, and real life strong lifters. I’ve also talked shown, in detail, why I am inspired by certain music. But for Part 5 of my Inspiration series, I shall talk about a different person entirely.

This person doesn’t lift weights (that I know of).

This person doesn’t go around shooting bad guys in an expensive piece of super armor.

This person isn’t even a guy!

But, she does make music.

I introduce you to Lindsey Stirling:


She inspires me two ways, with her story and her music.

And I will talk about them in that order as well.

Lindsey Stirling has had several challenges. She once battled anorexia and when she did have her first big public appearance, she was told that her music sounded like “a bunch of rats being strangled”.

Over the past several years, she has had an amazing turn around. She now has toured both the US and Europe, with sold out concerts. She has more views on Youtube than many Pop artists, and still retains the freedom of being unsigned.

There is much more to her story, but I gave you a brief summary. The part about Lindsey’s story that inspires me the most is her determination in doing what she enjoys, and learning to act the way she believes she really wants to. Too many people these days are discouraged by being told to do something other than what they enjoy most, as in the case for Lindsey Stirling, was playing the violin in non-traditional ways but being told it wasn’t marketable.

At first, I couldn’t stand Lindsey’s music.

Having just attended a music appreciation class, seeing the violin combined with dubstep (the very first video of her’s I saw) just seemed wrong to me. However, months later I succumbed to her talent and originality and she become one of my top favorite artists.

After I learned to appreciate her music, I was able to learn from and be inspired by it.

Watching hours upon hours of her videos over the course of many months, I actually learned how to better empathize with music. I could feel more emotion and energy from it. I could use music like a tool, like a drug. That is when I made my discovery of Anabolic and Catabolic Music.

Since making this discovery, thanks to the assistance of Lindsey Stirling, I have been able to improve my life greatly through music.

Her music in particular I feel is “dancing” music, very energetic and makes you want to move.

That feeling does amazing things for mood. That energy from the music drives me to do more. It’s helped me prepare for and recover from more than one workout (mentally, as workouts require both mental and physical energy).

Finally, amidst her music and videos, I noticed something very intriguing. Here was this extremely talented artist, who not only made good music, but was humble and modest as well.  And not stopping there, she was also very vibrant, and radiating health, energy and happiness.

Once I noticed this health and vibrancy, I used her as an example (especially for other women) of what health looks like. It’s not about a specific body type, weight, or size, but about how that energy seems to radiate from an individual.

Beyond that, I also say a great physical example that I could point other women towards for an attractive and healthy body, but that would be a different post.

 Lindsey Stirling serves as an excellent example of how to truly be yourself, and not listen to naysayers when they talk down about your passion.

And that’s an example we all need in life.

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