Inspiration Series Part 6: Firewall


Learning to be yourself is a subject I touch on quite often. It’s a challenge, because it is so easy to do what is expected and normal. But doing so leads to a dull life. However, discussing why we aren’t ourselves and why we should be isn’t the point of this post. I have discovered a song that describes the idea and act of being unique itself. It is from a song called Firewall, by Les Friction.


In particular, it is the second verse that inspires me, here are the lyrics:

This force is in love with you
It wants you safe
It wants you well
This force knows what you can do
And what you can make
With your tattered shell
Faith in your device
So quiet and precise
Just when, not how
You can feel it now
Deep beneath the light
A spark will now ignite
And you will see me now
This is our world now

Although I don’t care to analyze the entire song and it’s original meaning, I will analyze this section.

First of, the words “this force” and “it”, I interpret as meaning the real you. Deep within the shell we all think is us. It is your potential. Who you could be… and yet who you really are.

So when the song says “this force is in love with you/it wants you safe/it wants you well”,

I hear it meaning that You (capitalized You will stand for the inner you, normal you stands for… the normal you) want you to succeed. To survive and thrive.

“This force knows what you can do/what you can make/with your tattered shell”

Now this is your instincts, your goals, your desires, all derived from your potential that inside You know you can do. This is David growing angry at the mocking spirit of Goliath. This is Tyler Durden. This is you wanting to take a life changing risks. You know what you can do, even with whatever weak “shell” (the you that you know and everyone else knows) you’ve given yourself. This force, You, are urging yourself forward. Begging, demanding.

“Faith in your device/so quiet and precise/just when now how/you can feel it now”

When you finally give into what You know you can do, and let go of the inhibitions that we have been trained to have, things change. You become productive, energetic, creative, powerful, and world changing. This is where you must have faith, and get out of Your own way.

“Deep beneath the light/a spark will now ignite/and you will see me now/this is our world now”

This is probably my favorite line in the entire song. It describes the first moments of discovering who you really are. Underneath the shell you think you are, a little spark is lit which begins to shed light on your potential. Ignore it, and you will continue to be just like everyone else. Feed it… and you will change the world.

But there is a catch.

There is one line in particular that describes this catch so well.

“Everyone has to fall to the firewall”

In order to “become yourself”, that is, to no longer be the you everyone knows now, but who You could be, you must be put through the fire. The old you must pass away, leaving only the new You behind. This is why so many people struggle with being them self, with feeling unique. They have not yet fallen to the firewall.

The entire reason this site exists is because I am learning to step out of My way. I make people uncomfortable. They don’t know what to do. It’s even made some of my friendships challenging. Yet I continue.

We all have to fight for our lives.

Everyone hear the call to the firewall.

Everyone has to fall at the firewall.

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