Inspiration Series Part 4: Master Chief

Inspirations may be drawn from anywhere.

For me, this next one is drawn from fantasy. He has a history, has fought battles, and saved lives, yet isn’t real. He is an icon in modern culture, especially amongst gamers.

That is the trailer for Halo 3, and it features the Chief.

Master Chief is famous for being a brave, skilled and faceless hero who speaks few words.

This image can be very inspiring. Let me give a brief summary of his back story.

At a young age (around 6 years old) a boy known as John was selected by the military for testing of a top secret program called SPARTAN-II. He was replaced by a clone who would later die in an accident, to hid the kidnapping. John was chosen for his physical capabilities (a head taller than other kids and very strong) as well as his mind and luck.

He was then assigned the name John-117, and trained by the military until he was 14, when he was given cybernetic implants to increase speed, strength and intelligence. At this age, he had the body of an 18 year old, and after the implants, was able to easily take on several ODSTs (think Navy Seals of today), killing three, in hand to hand combat.

When he received his armor, he finally looked like the Master Chief we see today. As a matter of fact, his full face has never been revealed. This adds to the mystery and even awe of the character. He also speaks very few words, and is very focused on the mission. When encountering the aliens fought in the games, the Chief quickly made a name for himself, amongst humans as a savior, and amongst the aliens as a demon.

He was so powerful, his enemies called him “Demon”!

Here is another video which shows a bit of his back story:

The reason he inspires me, even though he’s a fictional character, is the archetype he represents. Master Chief is the strong, silent hero who does his duty and doesn’t ask question or boast about his accomplishments.

Because he rarely speaks, his words are valued. Because he uses his superior strength to help others, his actions are remembered.

I am attempting to mold myself more and more to that archetype represented. From watching and studying the Chief, I want to be physically dominant so that when trouble comes, people know I can handle and will handle it. This drives me on to train harder.

I also am trying to use few words, or in some cases none, just as he does. Allow my actions to speak for me, and when I must use words, they will be held high. This encourages me to think carefully about what I say and do.

His bravery and courage in battle, which people recognize and makes them feel safe, is also legendary.

Simply his presence in a battle will raise morale, regardless of the odds.

I too want my past actions to be held so high that my mere presence inspires others.

Finally, his mask. His face is never seen. This demonstrates part of his selflessness. By not showing his face, he is not drawing attention to himself and instead focusing on his job. This is the final piece of the puzzle. We have numerous heroes in games, movies and real life who are all the previous things mentioned, but you see their face. The mystery adds a reverence to the character. And like Batman with his masks, it means that hero could be anyone.

A strong, brave, inspiring, silent, wise and selfless warrior.

That is the archetype seen in Master Chief.

That is what inspires me. This archetype can be demonstrated in any time period, by any person. You don’t need to be cybernetically enhanced or over six and a half feet tall. You don’t need a suit of armor that costs as much as a spaceship. You don’t need to fight aliens on other worlds. You don’t have to be a piece of fiction!

Learn from the archetype, and adapt it to your life. Make your presence, your actions, and your words valued.

This is what I wish to do.

I wish to become Master Chief.

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