The Iron Master

Hoplite_fight_from_Athens_MuseumIn days of old, men had their tools of war to turn to for training. Now, we have no such instrument with which to hone our abilities and train our minds for conflict.

In the past, it was the sword, shield, spear, bow, javelin and sling to use in training for war. Daily, warriors would awake and train with these tools. They ate to grow stronger for war. They studied to grow more intelligent in things of war. Their entire lifestyle and philosophy of life was designed, in some form or fashion, to better prepare them for war.

War, the physical fight and it’s tools, was the Iron Master of our ancestors.

Wars change, warriors don’t.

For the average man today, we do not have a force of bronze shields wielding spears and swords marching upon us. We do not have a neighboring, warring tribe that we must train our use of the bow to fight.

Our war surrounds us, nearly invisible. It is seen in the soft and weak, in the depressed and hopeless.

We are a people who run from challenge. A people in need of an Iron Master.

Just as warriors of old needed to train the body, so must we. After all, that is where much of our war takes place, in our weak and sickly bodies.

So our Iron Master must be one who trains the body. This fight, the conflict, this challenge, will train the body, mind and spirit to become as a warrior once again as those before us.

My Iron Master is the barbell. The crushing weight of metal is my battle.

I seek the challenge of lifting greater weight for the purpose of growing stronger. Each battle I fight brings me closer to winning the war against my weakness.

Learning to seek challenge for the sake of growing stronger does not cease in the gym. However, that is where it is first learned.

The Iron Master does not flatter. If you are too haughty and the weight too great, the weight will not hesitate to break you. The Iron Master has killed before.

The Iron Master will not hesitate to show you where you are weak. Because of this, it is both your greatest friend and deadliest foe.

The Iron Master will teach you to handle the stress of the war within. After all, what better way to learn to handle the crushing weight of the stress of life than by handling a crushing weight?

The Iron Master will teach you to be patient in your journey to greatness. Strength is slow, slow in action and slow in development. It is also slow to leave. Be patient, and you will be rewarded.

The Iron Master teaches you to be aggressive. The weight does not wish to be lifted! This is your fight now!

It is said the Spartans’ training was so intense, they saw war as a break from training.

Train in a similar fashion, and the stresses of life you deal with now will be seen as a blessing. What would break you now will be seen as light and easy.

Train with the Iron Master and you will become as iron in the strength of your limbs, the sharpness of your mind, and the tenacity of spirit.

Grow stronger than yesterday.


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