Of Men, Zombies and the Apocalypse

falloutIt is undeniable that there has been a major rise in all things zombie and apocalyptic┬árecently. There are numerous reasons for this, and I don’t care to hear or discuss them, not now.

Save one.

The apocalypse resonates with something deep inside us, deep within the heart of men.

Civilization crumbling to hoards of zombies touches upon an instinct that is otherwise left dormant.

But let us consider, for a moment, what this apocalypse would mean. Millions upon millions would be left without access to food and medical care, causing deaths beyond our comprehension within a weeks, or even days. Without someone to look after them, young children, elderly, cancer patients, diabetics, our weak, sick and especially our most innocent would die. Tens of thousands would be left to rot, zombies or no. We would have no new food and oil shipped around the world. Areas without natural access to water would die. The tens of millions who are accustomed to going to the store for food would starve within months or weeks. Major population centers would be the first to fall to the masses who hunger and thirst within. Many cities only have enough food to last a few days at most with out more being shipped in. How long have you ever gone without food or drink?

Now add zombies into the mix of millions of sick, starving and weak people wanting only to find a drink of water, or a safe place to rest peacefully for a single night. Creatures with no morals and a hunger for flesh, human flesh. Your flesh.

Why do we romanticize this image? Why do we dream of the apocalypse? Of a world without the civilization we have come so strongly to depend on?

Why do we dream of all this death, destruction and misery upon the world that us and our loved ones live in?

Because we wish to be reminded of what it means to be men.

The male body and mind are built to be strong and prone to the giving and receiving of violence. We are the natural warriors and protectors of mankind. It is in our biology.

Ancient tribes understood this. This is why the standard for all cultures across all of history throughout the world have made men their warriors. Men are powerful and dangerous. Give them a cause to fight for or a people to defend and they will literally change the face of the earth if necessary.

Men need a call to greatness. Men need something worth dying for. When hard times come, where scarcity and hardships reign, men need to be men in order for the survival of others. Men need a reason to be men.

This is what we want! We may not realize it, but this is what we desire.

However, when all is safe and well, there is no need for men. Manhood is wasted in paradise.

Men are only worth something when they are expendable in order to ensure the survival of others.

This is necessary for men to overcome the fear of death. Their pride, courage, and honor must be stronger than their desire to live. Without cause for these things… our manhood withers and dies.

This is why we long for the apocalypse.

Not because we wish the death and misery of others, but because we wish to be called upon as men. We wish for others to depend on us. We wish for a fight worthy of our very lives. We wish for an arena in which we may freely act as men.

You know, deep with in you, that if you were to stand with a weapon in hand, your family and friends behind you, and a hoard of hungry zombies before you, that you would feel like a man. You would feel fear beyond anything you have ever felt, paralyzing and sickening, but you would think of those behind you who are depending on you. In their minds, you would be a man.

You know regardless of your past failures and weaknesses, if you stood in that moment, you would undeniably be a man.

Whether you fail or succeed, fail or die, that is how they would remember you.

No matter how politically incorrect, violent, ugly, gruesome and cruel it is to say it, the more dangerous the environment, scarcer the resources, and bigger the threat, the more valued men are. The more necessary they are.

This is why we dream of the apocalypse.


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