Oldschool Training: Like a Sir

Normally I decide days or even weeks ahead of time that I want to write a particular post or write about a particular topic.

But an hour before writing this post, the idea of it didn’t even exist.

Writing something this spontaneous isn’t normal for me.

However, while checking my facebook newsfeed, I saw this picture:

Oldschool Logic

It was humorous on the surface, but as I kept on scrolling down my feed, I kept thinking about it. I realized that there is some “truth” to that statement.

Oldschool trainers, strongmen, and bodybuilders (early 1900’s and before) achieved very impressive physiques and did many impressive feats of strength that we still strive for. What has changed in the time since is they way we do so.

It is now in vogue to focus on isolation exercises, low fat diets, protein shakes, supplements, and more weird stuff I can’t even recall.

The irony of this situation is that many people are trying to repeat results done by someone else, by using different methods, and expecting the same results. While certain oldschool trainers (that’s the general term I use) would eat lots of meat, drink every night, lift using heavy compound movements, and live a healthy lifestyle, people try to do just the exact opposite and expect to gain similar results.

That is where the humor in the above photo comes from. Where a modern trainer would worry about getting his protein drink in, an oldschool trainer would simply poor himself a drink knowing he had trained hard that day and eaten well.

Where a modern trainer would focus on the right machines, blasting the biceps, leg curls, bulking and cutting, supplement cycling, etc. The oldschool trainer would simply lift heavy things and eat good food; some of their most popular lifts included the deadlift, bent press, overhead press, picking up heavy/odd objects, and many bodyweight movements (the period I’m referencing was before and during the popularity of the squat, so it’s not on the list).

Oldschool trainers didn’t worry the way we do. They were much stronger and healthier than us. They were also more productive than most of us. So if you want a healthy, maintainable physique like an oldschool trainer, study what they did! They would laugh at how most of us try to become “healthy” and build good looking physiques.

Like a sirTrain like a Sir!

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