Inspiration Series Part 5: Lindsey Stirling

I’ve already shown how I draw inspiration from fierce predators, courageous characters in stories, and real life strong lifters. I’ve also talked shown, in detail, why I am inspired by certain music. But for Part 5 of my Inspiration series, I shall talk about a different person entirely. This person doesn’t lift weights (that I know of). This person doesn’t go around shooting bad guys in an expensive piece of super armor. This person isn’t even a guy! But, she does make music. I introduce you to Lindsey Stirling:   She inspires me two ways, with her story and her music. And I will talk about them in that order as well. Lindsey Stirling has had several challenges. She once battled anorexia and when she did have her first big public appearance, she was told that her music sounded like “a bunch of rats being strangled”. Over the past several years, she has had an amazing turn around. She now has toured both the US and Europe, with sold out concerts. She has more views on Youtube than many Pop artists, and still retains the freedom of being unsigned. There is much more to her story, but I gave you a brief summary. The part about Lindsey’s story that inspires me the most is her determination in doing what she enjoys, and learning to act the way she believes she really wants to. Too many people these days are discouraged by being told to do something other than what they … Continue reading

Anabolic Music?

If you’re anything like most people, when you hear the word “anabolic” it’s in reference to anabolic steroids. The majority of people don’t properly understand the meaning of anabolic, and it’s opposite, catabolic. Well, I will give a quick definition of each before I twist the meaning a little. Anabolic, in the body is simple substances being made into complex substances, requiring energy (such as using proteins and such to build muscle). Catabolic is the opposite, breaking complex substances down into simple ones, creating energy (such as digesting food or breaking down fat). When most people go into the gym, they go to get bigger, stronger and faster. They want an anabolic effect afterwards to recover from the catabolic workout. However, did you know that this anabolic response most guys want is actually considered the “female” part of the whole process? And the part where they break down the body in training (catabolic) is actually considered the “male” part? I can’t remember the name for this, but it has to do with the anabolic building up and nurturing (female) and the catabolic being powerful and destructive (male).   What has this got to do with music? Now comes the time where I twist the meaning a little. Although the labeling of male and female for catabolic and anabolic comes from the Yin/Yang philosophy or something (first heard this idea from Elliott Hulse), I won’t be talking primarily from there. However, I will still use the labels because I like them. … Continue reading