Make Time to Play

Normal people see their workout and job as a chore. They complain about their job, but say they have to do it. They complain about how boring working out is, if they do so at all. A Spartan enjoys his workout. And chooses a job he enjoys. The normal person is to “busy” to play, or if not to busy, he has “grown up” and thinks it to immature. A Spartan sees his workout as play and enjoys it like a child. If a normal person works out, they lift sissy weights or walk on a treadmill watching tv. A Spartan lifts heavy weights, wrestles, runs and sprints, or carries heavy objects. The normal person is reluctant to workout. The Spartan longs for it. The normal person is stressed out day and night. The Spartan makes it a game, a challenge. There are many differences between a normal person and a Spartan. A normal person gets sick every year, is weak, never satisfied, and doesn’t know how to have fun. The Spartan is never sick, very strong, always satisfied, and most certainly knows to have fun. He does this because he makes time to play. When you play you learn to enjoy life. It makes exercising easy and fun. So next time you life weights, don’t be a normal person. Be a Spartan, and have fun. Next time you run, have fun. Make time to play, and your life will begin to improve. Go have fun!

Inspiration Series Part 4: Master Chief

Inspirations may be drawn from anywhere. For me, this next one is drawn from fantasy. He has a history, has fought battles, and saved lives, yet isn’t real. He is an icon in modern culture, especially amongst gamers. That is the trailer for Halo 3, and it features the Chief. Master Chief is famous for being a brave, skilled and faceless hero who speaks few words. This image can be very inspiring. Let me give a brief summary of his back story. At a young age (around 6 years old) a boy known as John was selected by the military for testing of a top secret program called SPARTAN-II. He was replaced by a clone who would later die in an accident, to hid the kidnapping. John was chosen for his physical capabilities (a head taller than other kids and very strong) as well as his mind and luck. He was then assigned the name John-117, and trained by the military until he was 14, when he was given cybernetic implants to increase speed, strength and intelligence. At this age, he had the body of an 18 year old, and after the implants, was able to easily take on several ODSTs (think Navy Seals of today), killing three, in hand to hand combat. When he received his armor, he finally looked like the Master Chief we see today. As a matter of fact, his full face has never been revealed. This adds to the mystery and even awe of the … Continue reading

Greeks and Spartans

You are aware that all Spartans were Greeks, right? But not all Greeks were Spartans. Whenever you hear the word “Greek” you probably think about vase paintings, or cool stories about gods and monsters, or music, or Olympic games, or art and fancy stuff in general. When you hear the word “Spartan”, none of that comes to mind. The reason for this is the Spartans made an effort to separate themselves from the rest of the world in the way they lived. They may have been surrounded by other Greeks, but they were far, far different. That is why when referring to non-Spartan Greeks, we say “the Greeks”. We we refer to all Greeks, we must say “Greeks and Spartans”. Why do I even bring this up? This blog is called Spartan Living. We should separate ourselves in a similar way. We me live in a world filled with normal people, they may be our friends and family, but we should live, act, and be so different that we are not associated with everyone else as equals, like the Spartans. The Spartans were almost a different world, a completely different culture. Each one of us has the choice to be different then everyone else. We each have a choice to be a “Spartan” in a world of “Greeks”. When a stranger sees you, make it impossible for them to associate you with normal people. Stand out. Standing out that much can take awhile, and it can hurt. At first you … Continue reading

Take a chance. Be a Man. Be a Spartan.

When I woke up this morning I read this post from Art of Manliness, and when I sat down to work on this site, I was inspired write about it. That post also further inspired me to continue what I began by purchasing this domain and hosting with my measly funds. Take chances, take risks. In that post, Want to feel like a man? Then act like one, it is said that in order to be the man you want to be, you must be (act like) the man you want to be. I want to be a courageous man willing to take chances for potential benefit. And out of my many inspirations, the Spartans of course should be mentioned here. After all, they are the inspiration for naming this blog. The Spartans were willing to sacrifice safety and comfort to become elite fighters. They took a chance every day in training. It is even said of the Spartans that to them, war was a break from training. So then, if I want to be the man I want to  be, if I want to continue this effort of Spartan Living, it makes sense I should act it out. That’s why I spent about half of the money I had saved in this small savings account on web domains, hosting, and ebooks. That’s why I’m not working at some fast food restaurant where I’ll be miserable and surrounded by food I don’t want to touch. Heck, that’s why I take … Continue reading