The Secret of Motivation

Motivation is heavily misunderstood. Burning-Wood-Hd-Desktop-Wallpaper

When most aren’t happy with their lives, they blame it on a lack of motivation. When the motivation does come to improve their lives, they’ll jump up and start happily. However, the motivation fades and they are back to normal, or worse after seeing themself lose the motivation again.

This can be seen with someone who is briefly motivated to lose weight. They will start going to the gym and trying to eat healthy. They will do fine for the first week or two, then they will begin dropping fast food places again “just this one time”, and a month later they are back when they started.

Why does this happen? Because that is not how motivation works. Motivation is not a constant happy feeling about doing what you want to do. Motivation comes and goes. It gives you a push. It ignites a spark. It gets the ball rolling.

Motivation can’t be relied upon. It will leave you. Instead, motivation must give way to discipline. When the motivation to continue eating right, shutting off the games, saying no the parties, and lifting weights has long left you, then what will you do?

Become Disciplined.

That’s the secret to motivation. Use it to jumpstart your life. It will keep you going for awhile, just as kindling keeps a small fire going for a moment. However, more fuel is soon required for a fire to grow.

This additional fuel is discipline. Making yourself continue to do what you did while motivated, until it’s a habit. When it’s a habit you will no longer have to try.

When you give a small fire more and more fuel, eventually you will no longer have to. The fire will become self sufficient, a roaring inferno.

This is what you must do with your motivation. Do not long for another spark, for more kindling, for more motivation. Use what you already have, and start a fire. Take responsibility and discipline yourself.

But what if you do not have motivation in the first place?

Then you never really wanted it. If you want a better body, the motivation will come, and when it does it is up to you to take hold of it and use it to begin your journey of motivation. The motivation will make it easy for a short time, but then it will leave. If you have not begun to strictly discipline yourself that is all you will see of your progress.

If the motivation never comes, it means you never truly wanted it. Motivation comes from you. Others can makey you feel good, or help you find motivation for something you already want to do, or make you decide you want something, but ultimately you must want something for the motivation to come.

I do not feel motivated to learn an instrument. Why is that? Because I do not want to. One day that may change, but for now no motivation will come because I do not want it.

I do not feel motivated to write a post right now. Why is that? Because my motivation was the spark that caused me to start this website years ago, and it is because of discipline I am writing. Not because I feel like it, but because I know I need to. Because I truly want it.

If you want to find motivation for something, you must first truly want it. Not a simple “oh, that’d be nice to have”, but a deep seated decision within your consciousness. A decision that is very deliberate.

You must first want the spark. Then when the spark comes, you must be ready for it. Ready for discipline. You will then have a long battle of keeping the fire going as it grows.

But if you continue, one day the fire will consume you. What was once a spark, a small change in your life, could become the driving force behind it.

That is the secret to motivation.

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