Why I Don’t Want Life To Be Fair

142445-004-A64614A7People seem to think that the word “fair” means you get what you want because some how you’ve earned it or deserved it. Occasionally, they try to imagine a world that was “fair”. Well guess what, that world would suck.

Here are two hypothetical examples of two hypothetical children:

Kid one grows up in a poor family, never goes to school because his dad died when he was six and he works every day to take care of his family, didn’t learn to read until he was fifteen, his oldest sister gets pregnant and can’t work, leaving him to take care of his dying mother and three younger siblings all by himself until he is found stealing food and sent to prison leaving his family uncared for.

Kid two grows up in a rich family, goes to college without paying a dime, gets a “great education”, gets a job as a lawyer, then his grandparents die leaving him with a huge inheritance so he stops working and lives an easy life until he dies of old age.

My question to you is, which is unfair? Most would quickly point out that the kid from the first story had the unfair life. Now, which is fair? You can’t really say the second story is fair, because sure didn’t work for any of that money. He didn’t earn/deserve the status he was born into, he didn’t earn/deserve his education (it was paid for), he didn’t earn/deserve his inheritance (someone else just died and left him money). What did he do for it all?

Same with the first story, that kid didn’t earn/deserve the poor family he was born into, didn’t earn/deserve his dad dying while he was a kid, he didn’t earn/deserve his only working sister to get pregnant and stop working. The only thing the second kid “earned” or “deserved” was being sent to jail for stealing. So if anything, the first story is more fair. Sucks, doesn’t it?

What is fair in life?

Being fed as a baby? You didn’t earn that food, you did nothing to deserve that care.

Being sent to school as a kid? You didn’t build your school or train the teachers.

Being able to read? You didn’t invent language or writing.

You didn’t earn the civilization you live in, you didn’t earn your country, your family, your genes, anything. Those were all outside of your control and given to you. That is unfair.

It is unfair for the prey to be eaten when it has tried to survive.

It is fair for the predator to eat what it has hunted.

You will be be given things in life you did not earn, and will not be given things you did earn. Accept it. Move on.

You don’t deserve to be strong.

You don’t deserve to be successful.

You don’t deserve to have a good girlfriend.

You don’t deserve to be loved.

You don’t deserve to be smart.

You don’t deserve to be healthy.

You don’t deserve to have friends.

You don’t deserve to be great.

You don’t deserve to live.

You have earned no right to any of this. To possess these things would be unfair.

Life sure would be terrible if it were fair.

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