Why I Recommend Lean Hybrid Muscle (Reloaded)

First off, I must say that Elliott Hulse, one of the creators of this system, is probably one of my biggest inspirations and has lots of knowledge and experience in the fitness world. If my little review can get him a few more sales, it’s the least I could do for all the information he’s given me.

He knows what he’s talking about, wouldn’t you say?

Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded. The program that does a little bit of everything. That’s what hybrid means after all, right? This program is designed primarily for anyone with the goal of being athletic, functional, strong and good looking. Sounds like most everyone, doesn’t it?

The idea behind this program is building what is referred to as “type III muscle fiber”, a hybrid that is both strong and has lots of endurance (which also burns fat). Getting yourself to that point isn’t easy, and I’ll be honest, I haven’t been able to push myself that hard yet, but listening to Elliott’s info has still done a lot nonetheless.

This is a goal that is general enough to apply to lots of people. Have a healthy amount of muscle mass (as a natural bodybuilder should) while at the same time being as strong as you look (powerlifter and strongman).

And one very important part, avoiding what Elliott calls “P.M.S.” or Puffy Muscle Syndrome. This is muscle seen from normal bodybuilders (natural and otherwise) or from anyone who follows the normal bodybuilding idea of bulking and cutting. It makes you look big… but look soft as well.

If you want an example of what I’m talking about, the hard, real muscle, just look at the picture of Elliott I posted above. He follows the very routine he has his clients go through. As a matter of fact, this program is simply a written form of what he’s been doing for years!

Something excellent about this program is it’s flexibility. If you are already big (perhaps a bodybuilder) then you change/add certain things to your current routine to gain the strength and endurance necessary for this hybrid muscle.

Already a strongman? Change/add to your routine to give you the muscular, athletic, lean look of a bodybuilder while remaining brutally strong.

Or just an average Joe? Then prepare for the beating of a lifetime, because this is built to get results.

Here’s a page where Elliott goes through creating your own personal hybrid workout (for free!). Who doesn’t love free info? And here’s a page that shows an already done example workout Elliott made for his clients at his personal gym. More free info!

What you can expect to do if you get his system (or even follow his free info) is “resistance cardio”, also known as conditioning, high rep bodybuilding work, intense strength training, and lots of sleeping, eating, and aching.

If you have a goal in the fitness realm (gain some weight, lose some weight, look good with your shirt off) this program can help you achieve that goal (or at least supplement it) while at the same time giving you an all around healthy physical strength base.

But before you’re done, and decide to be on your merry way either with or without purchasing this excellent program, here’s more free stuff! Download this free PDF that you can share with anyone.

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