You are a King

viking_warrior_by_jaywong001-d71meq1You are a king.

Your body, your kingdom.

Your limbs, it’s warriors.

They will do as you say, but only if you give the command. If your body is too weak it is your failure as king to keep your kingdom strong.

I learned this through training. My deadlift had stalled because my grip could not support holding the barbell any longer. My warriors were too weak to serve.

So I trained them. Over the course of a single weekend I trained my grip heavily, primarily through the use of some very strong hand grippers. In training with the grippers, there were multiple times where it felt as though my muscles ceased to be muscles and were instead another entity, blindly following commands coming from elsewhere. When I reached a point that I thought my hands couldn’t squeeze harder, there would be a disconnect. Suddenly I wouldn’t be closing my hand, I would be ordering my hand to close, speaking the command in my mind, and my hand would close. It felt as though a robot were closing my hand for me. The king issued the order, and the warrior obeyed. And the warrior grew strong.

When I lifted the bar again that Monday, it was effortless. My grip was so tight on the bar, my concentration so intense, that I surprised myself with the ease with which I lifted it. Now, weeks later, my progress is stalling because other areas of my body are too weak, but not my grip. My grip still has further to go. My warriors have grown stronger, so when I give my hand the command to crush, it will crush.

This is why you must train the body. If you are too weak as a person to train and overcome your own personal weaknesses, you are unfit to have authority over anyone else. Begin with yourself.

This is why I have a hard time respecting people who don’t take care of themselves and yet attempt to forcefully exert authority over me. If they can’t even rule over their own body, and leave it weak and sick instead, why should they try to rule over me?

Is this pride? Maybe.

Do I care? No.

Present me someone who has spent years training his mind and body to be healthy and strong, and I will listen. That discipline is something everyone respects.

As king you must be strong enough to rule your kingdom, and your warriors strong enough to defend it.

As a man, you must be strong enough to take care of yourself before you have the strength to take care of anyone else. Only after you have gone through the pain of training, only after you have battled your weakness and met first hand the pain of failure and eventually forged victory, then you are strong enough lead others.

Before you, as king, may help anyone else you must help yourself.

This is not selfish. This is life.

A strong king has the power to help others and make them strong, but only if he begins with himself. A weak king abuses power and is hated by others, or best case is simply incapable of helping those he cares about.

It takes a strong king to rule over mighty warriors. A weak king is only fit to serve the weak.

There are people in your life who need you to be strong. Strong of body, mind and spirit.

But if you are a weak king, you are of no good.

Give no excuses for your failures, but see them as an opportunity to grow stronger.

Someone will need this strength to lead them.

You could be that king.


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